Machina Arcana ~ From Beyond

Created by Adreama Games, Inc.

Travel the unknown, face the horrors, and survive the story. An immersive and dark experience awaits you and your group of explorers.

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Current stretch goals overview
8 months ago – Thu, Sep 20, 2018 at 01:04:45 AM

Illustration by Stefan Koidl
Illustration by Stefan Koidl

Only two more stretch goals..

Once that happens, She will be complete.

Illustration by Stefan Koidl
Illustration by Stefan Koidl

She will start the journey into our world
- crawling slowly / scratching terribly
She will reach each and every one of you
- dressed in most exquisite flesh
She will whisper in your ear:
- "I know you, it's time you know me"

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Tips and Tricks (1/3) / Current stretch goals overview
8 months ago – Tue, Sep 18, 2018 at 11:33:24 PM

Tips and Tricks (1/3)  

Machina Arcana is a tactical survival game. The difficulty can be decreased, so it can become a horror adventure, but the default setting is hard - there is no way around it.

Every small mistake adds up, so the best way is to show you how different decisions may have different outcomes. In the first video we are sharing some tips regarding the movement.

Upcoming stretch goals:

What we unlocked so far:

A Chronicle of the Expedition to the Forlorn Icy Continent (Part 3)
8 months ago – Tue, Sep 18, 2018 at 05:05:17 PM

After our arrival in the city, the lingering dread remained, not only within the subdued group that returned from the forest, but amongst the general populace. It seemed there was nobody who hadn’t seen the meteor coloring the sky with its luminous radiance, and yet no explanation was given as to what, why, how, or even exactly where. The last we heard of it was from a remote outpost; the reports said they had seen it fly onward to that uninhabited land where glaciers hold sovereignty, a frozen continent sealed timelessly in ice. And so we tried to continue on with our lives, attempting to forget the spectacle, dragging ourselves through our daily functions. From that day on, however, it felt as if a gentle shroud of indifference had been laid upon us all. Everybody appeared less interested in the fascinations of their day to day activities; I felt it too: a heavy disquiet pressing in upon my soul.

A certain unwillingness to probe too deeply into these matters did not stop my ever active mind from churning over the same questions again and again. I did not know what to think of the things I had witnessed, and was unable to rationalize everything. I have always sought to be a man of science, and consequently felt an aversion to the explanations linked to mystical and religious motives. Without reason and logic, what is man but yet another beast? But underneath my seemingly calm rationality, waves of consternation eroded at the sense that I had invariably been so proud of. Yet, the apocalyptic consequences of truth were too terrifying to face.

It was this anxiety and awe of the Unknown and its vast proportions, which enabled me to break through the fog of apathy and renew my investigation of the cult with even greater zeal. Their activities were increasing; odd occurrences and still more murders. Abandoned warehouses and forests, basements with floors covered in congealed bodily fluids, fields with dying fires and the stench of burned flesh wafting under an indifferent moon. I followed this trail of anguish and entrails into asylums and prisons. I came face-to-face with madness so complete that it seemed to have come full circle. Some men raved and ranted, painting the walls of their confinement in fantastical images of excrement and infected blood. Yet others spoke calmly, rationally, as if they were human still despite their gnawed hands and rotting mouths. I encountered a woman who was convinced she could tear out the felicity from within herself, and she scratched at her festering skin with nail-less fingers. They were the Custodians, they said. Custodians of Bliss, eternal and triumphant. The very spheres of the cosmos echoed His name, and they would call Him forth to heal the hurts of this world. 

The same fervor that radiated from the countless fanatics I interviewed, was mirrored in the eyes of Dr. Maurice Alden, rector of a prestigious university. I had been called to the scene urgently one night several months after the meteor’s landing. Dr. Alden had been found in a state of deep psychosis in his lodgings. As I opened the door to those beautifully paneled rooms, all that middle class comfort contrasted so sharply with the vision of this once venerable man looming over his victims, the knife still in his hand. He appeared to be completely uninterested in his surroundings, as if the congregated police were nothing more than insects. Dr. Alden hummed gently to himself as he drew chillingly familiar symbols all around his sitting room with the aid of what appeared to be the intestine of one of the corpses. I wondered why nobody was making an effort to stop this ghastly scene, and realized then that the officer who had laid hands on the professor earlier was suffering from a broken arm and fractured ribs. I glanced down at the two dead, sprawled at Dr. Alden’s feet and wondered briefly why he had laid cold steel to his own wife and child. But those carved up faces would never reveal the secret now.

Much to the surprise of everyone who had seen the old man’s extraordinary strength earlier, Dr. Alden came quietly. I spoke to him as if to a child, and he responded with smiles through his happy tears and invited me to the House of Bliss, for all good people would come there in the end. I searched for something within his eyes; an answer, an explanation, a clue. They shone back at me with the innocent conviction of a saint, and had he not been covered in the lifeblood of the dead, I may have believed him to be all virtue and grace. With his full cooperation and assistance, I was able to search his home for anything relevant. It was he that pointed me to a journal which contained vital information about the sect’s movements. It was from him that I learned of the name of this dread cult. Dr. Alden was stately and dignified, helpful and polite. Before the police took him to the station, he beamed at me tenderly and leaned over to whisper in my ear. “Have you ever been frightened into paradise?” He tapped his nose with a knowing finger, and nodded at me once slowly, his eyes sharp and clear now.

Later, I learned from his journal that he was a Fright Lord of his order. It does not surprise me, for even within the depths of his lunacy, he was a man to be admired and followed. In one of Dr. Alden’s less lucid moments, he had repeated the phrase “horrors in the ice” over and over again, as his eyes rolled in his head and the spittle dribbled from the corners of his mouth. I know not what happened aboard the airship Nostromo, during its voyage to the South, but I do know now that the faithful embarked shortly after the appearance of the meteor and that somehow all these things are linked. The diary of this man was the last piece of the puzzle, the final catalyst needed to force me into action.

All the themes and experiences are intertwined, and I find myself the sole levelheaded prophet of this impending doom. Who would believe me? But we must act! It is upon my shoulders to convince others and to prevent the looming catastrophe.

I have not stopped to rest since the night of my discussion with Dr. Alden. I have but a single purpose – to gather all necessary resources and arrange an expedition to the frigid, isolated South. I have sought tirelessly for a handful of suitable people; those that excel in their skills and versatility. I needed individuals with strength of body, mind and will, for they shall be called to resist the powerful lure of our enemies, the delirium of their song and the familiar, beckoning darkness. These are my crew. It rests upon them to deliver us from this evil. It is of vital importance to introduce them into the lore and history of this madness. I hope these pages will succeed in guiding us in our last desperate act of survival. And they must serve as a chronicle of our attempt to prevent one possible end of the world.

Expansion explorer - Günther
8 months ago – Tue, Sep 18, 2018 at 12:08:23 AM

There are a number of brand-new explorers for the "Recurrence" expansion, complete with their own stats, gorgeous artwork, and diverse backgrounds, allowing you to get that much more invested in them and pulled into the dark world of Machina Arcana. Each one of them will also have a unique mechanic that uses the explorer markers in one way or another, ensuring you'll want to experience them all.  

The first character spotlight is reserved for Günther - a hardened bruiser with a short fuse that specializes in explosives. He can trap spaces by placing tripmines (explorer markers) in front of doors. Once the monster rushes through the door and steps on it, the tripmine is triggered and the monster is engulfed in an explosive blast, much to Günther's disturbing joy. In the process, the door is also destroyed, but that's a small price to pay to watch the abominations burn.  

It's Günther's hope that he'll be able to set the biggest bomb of his life, creating a blast so massive, the Old Ones will take notice of his power. But for now, he'll settle for one creature at a time. Piece by burning piece.

Günther Bergmann - illustration by Jakub Bazyluk
Günther Bergmann - illustration by Jakub Bazyluk

 For as long as he could remember Günther was fascinated with explosives. While he was a small child, his uncle would bring over fireworks for them to set off together. In a freak accident one had prematurely exploded in his face and amidst the pain he had realized the devastating potential of gunpowder. Rather than being distraught by the experience however, Günther was inspired.  

It started small, with pipe bombs and other handheld devices, but soon it wasn’t enough. His obsession slowly grew and in his mind both he and explosives had so much in common. For much like him, they possessed a short fuse and an explosive impact.  

Günther was appalled to hear tales of a bizarre cult sacrificing a young child to an alien-like deity. Though horrified he also saw an opportunity and he decided to put his devices to a true test without fear of the law. Tracking a suspected cultist to one of their sanctuaries, he rigged the door and then watched with glee as it exploded when they stepped through. He knew then he’d found his calling and couldn’t wait to watch the rest burn.

Upcoming stream / Current stretch goals overview
8 months ago – Sun, Sep 16, 2018 at 11:56:18 PM

Stream playthrough

Join tomorrow our Twitch stream of Machina Arcana!

Juraj will be playing the game as a horror adventure, and the rules are as follows:  

  • one player / one explorer 
  • short game (just 3 chapters) 
  • easy settings (not lowering rating sliders) 
  • and... no weapons allowed!

Upcoming stretch goals:

 What we unlocked so far: