Machina Arcana ~ From Beyond

Created by Adreama Games, Inc.

Travel the unknown, face the horrors, and survive the story. An immersive and dark experience awaits you and your group of explorers.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Project status, Upgraded pledges and new Video
9 days ago – Sat, Jan 12, 2019 at 01:16:14 AM

Illustration by Stefan Koidl
Illustration by Stefan Koidl

Project status 

We are still hitting the planned timelines! 

We are currently building the prototype with our manufacturer, which we hope to get before the Chinese New Year. 

After their holidays, it is time for mass production, and then: distribution!

Illustration by Igor Krstic
Illustration by Igor Krstic

Returning backers 

If you are a returning backer, your Core pledge should now be upgraded to Premium. We encourage you to check your pledge manager if everything is in order. 

Returning backers who already pledged for a Premium received a complimentary credit of 25$ (be sure to spend any remaining credit before the pledge manager is locked).

There are a number of backers we couldn't verify by cross-checking the data from the first campaign. If you are a returning backer and your pledge is not upgraded, send us a Kickstarter message with your info from the first campaign.

Once more, thanks for your continued support.

Illustration by Damir Podhraski
Illustration by Damir Podhraski

Tips and tricks video

The third tips and tricks video is out. This time we share some insights into the ability system of Machina Arcana.

Pledge manager

There are still 791 backers who didn't complete their surveys. 

The lockdown date is 8th of February - that's when your credit cards will be charged and you will not be able to edit your order anymore. Regardless, you will still be able to update your shipping address.

Illustration by Stefan Koidl
Illustration by Stefan Koidl

Delivering first batch of extra goals
about 1 month ago – Thu, Dec 13, 2018 at 01:26:32 AM

Illustration by Sebastian Giacobino
Illustration by Sebastian Giacobino


The guys from Tabletopia have ported the game! We suggest using Steam app to check it out. Bare in mind that there will be a few tweaks in the following days while we test the game more thoroughly and investigate all the features.


Another extra goal bites the dust! There are 16 art pieces in 4k ultra HD, selected to bring your desktop closer to the Old Ones.

Click to download wallpapers
Click to download wallpapers

Playthrough video

We had a Twitch playthrough session a few weeks ago. It was a 2 player game, with normal difficulty, and shorter duration. The game features the endgame for the scenario Horror in the Ice, so warning: spoilers ahead.

Game prototype

The files for the game prototype are prepared! There is still some work to finalize the game content, but now we have started the process that will validate the colors, quality, and used materials before the mass production.  

We are aiming to get the factory prototype before the Chinese New Year.

Illustration by Stefan Koidl
Illustration by Stefan Koidl

Pledge manager

There are still 970 backers who are yet to complete their survey. Pledge manager closes at the beginning of February (the add-ons and the shipping costs are not going to change).

Click to visit our "Pledge manager FAQ" project update

For more information about the ADD-ONs click here

Illustration by Igor Krstic
Illustration by Igor Krstic

Add-on Shipping Improved
about 2 months ago – Sat, Dec 01, 2018 at 01:40:32 AM

Thanks to your interest in our add-ons we were able to improve our logistical strategies! We are delighted to share our new shipping costs, and are looking forward to deliver the add-ons in the same package with your game box.

A friendly remainder that you are able to order add-ons through the pledge manager until February 2019. The production will be based on the number of orders, which means that it is uncertain how to procure those items after the pledge manager closes.

Add-ons available!
about 2 months ago – Fri, Nov 23, 2018 at 12:48:01 AM

Codex Arcanum

For the discerning connoisseur, the Codex Arcanum is the magnum opus guide to the world and mythos of Machina Arcana. If you're looking to find meaning where there is none, answers that always seem to be around the next corner, or just a setting for your own adventure - then let it draw you into its embrace and leave you forever changed...  

Machina Arcana is dear to our hearts, and the world founded in the 1st edition has lovingly grown and evolved in the intervening years. The Codex Arcanum, combining three tomes' worth of information, is a full introduction to the game world itself in a hefty 120 pages. 

The Storybook describes harrowing events and adventures told from the perspective of those experiencing them.
The Bestiarium is the only known and definitive guide to the horrors that are just lurking in the shadows.
The Artbook collects together sketches, design ideas, old illustrations, and other peculiarities that lets you have a glimpse on the evolution of the madness you'll face in the world. 

These components are irrevocably ensnared within the bindings of the hardcover Codex Arcanum and wrapped in a quality faux leather. Further, the Codex is bound with a gold embossed seal to keep the unwary out...and the horrors in. The Codex Arcanum will be produced by Standartų Spaustuvė from Lithuania, and available July 2019. On release you will also receive a high resolution PDF copy to peruse whilst you await delivery.

Sleeve Set

Sleeve your entire game with our premium sleeve set to keep your cards in pristine condition! The sleeves are standard 100 micron thick, archival grade, polypropelene plastic to ensure maximum protection and durability.   

With over 450 cards in Machina Arcana, this set provides the following breakdown to keep you covered:  

  • 200 sleeves for the Event cards (80 x 40mm),
  • 200 sleeves for the Item cards (45 x 65mm),
  • 60 sleeves for both the Monster and Explorer cards (59 x 91mm),
  • 60 sleeves for the Chapter cards (125 x 88mm).

In addition, as the Event and Item cards form large decks and are heavily used, their sleeve backs will have a clear dull polish to improve shuffling and reduce slip. 

This set is created and packaged exclusively for Machina Arcana by WinGo and will be available July 2019.

Game Mats

Click to enlarge
Click to enlarge

The Game Mats contain: 

  • 4x Player mats (65 x 20cm each) - one for each player to place their player board and inventory, 
  • 1x Location mat (65 x 67cm) - for the map tiles, tokens, monster figure, and cards, 
  • 1x Story mat (23 x 65cm) - for the chapter board, events, and items.

Each mat is made of polyester on the 2mm thick rubber by PlayMats.EU from Poland. This material is flexible, keeps its shape, and can be rolled easily for storage. 

Click to enlarge
Click to enlarge

Game mats are designed to be modular, allowing you to use only the pieces you need. If you use all the mats, they will neatly create a perfect 130 x 85cm rectangle (approx. 5' x 3'), with the Location and Story Mats centered on one side and the Player Mats placed around them. However, there's nothing to keep you from using them in other orientations and layouts to match your play style! Expected delivery date of July 2019.

Dice Vial

The Dice Vial contains a complete extra set of dice for Machina Arcana.  

  • 3x Black attack dice D6s , 
  • 3x White attack dice D6s, 
  • 1x Game die D10,
  • 1x Recharge die D6. 

Just as they are in the game, these dice are fully engraved and are therefore interchangeable. They're perfect for spares or to provide players with their own dice pool. 

The dice were formed in the darkness by WinGo, and are lovingly stored in a fancy plastic cylindrical vial, with expected delivery date of July 2019.

Fabula Rasa

Do you have grand ideas for new clothing, weapons, and monsters? A new event to bedevil our poor explorers? Or are the horrors in your mind ready to leak into Chapter cards and coalesce into a new incarnation of madness?  

The Fabula Rasa add-on contains all the artifacts you'll need to be able to expand the core set with your own imaginings right up to building fully fledged scenarios to share with your gaming group. 

Fabula Rasa comes as printable templates in PDF format for a map tile and all the card types: chapter, item, explorer, monster, explorer events, and horror events. These will be delivered in February 2019.


This official soundtrack contains 13 custom tracks created by Mladen Konecky exclusively for an immersive Machina Arcana setting. Composed to lend an evocative background to draw you further into our world, these tracks of course will spruce up any experience where things lurk in shadows and are only seen out of the corner of your eye.  

It will be delivered digitally in MP3 and FLAC format, and include a printable track inlay and CD cover in PDF format. Delivery will be February 2019.

Calendar 2019

Be sure to track the coming year with a distinct Machina Arcana flavour. Note down your next Cult meeting, important Rites, and daily Observances. Handily align them with the vital astrological phenomena as you gleefully await the inexorable arrival of the Ancient Ones. Then revel, as each experience fulfills you and you look back over your accomplishments.  

You are doing the right thing.. 

Fully sanctioned by the House of Bliss, this printable calendar covers from the 4th of February 2019 to the 21st of February 2020. Each month features an upper page of choice artwork selected from the game augmented with the months calendar and space for your scribblings. The calendar will be delivered February 2019 in PDF format, and will measure 28 x 20cm (11'' x 8'') when printed.

Art Gallery

This add-on contains a selection of 15 artworks created for Machina Arcana. These pieces collect items, explorers, monsters and chapter art together in their best light.  

Available in February 2019 as PDF scaled to print at either 50 x 50cm or 70 x 50cm.

Project status / Event, gift and add-ons news
2 months ago – Sun, Nov 18, 2018 at 01:01:12 AM

Illustration by Stefan Koidl
Illustration by Stefan Koidl

 The gears are turning, and the Machine is humming harmoniously.

Upcoming live playthrough

Next Saturday at 3PM EST (UTC -5) / 9PM CET (UTC +1) I will stream a live session through Twitch. For Essen Spiel convention we prepared a new prototype that has the new monster illustrations, and Aleksandra upgraded the design of the event cards. This means that you will see production-grade prototype.  

The specification of the gaming session:  

  • 2 explorers,  
  • normal difficulty setting,  
  • shorter playing time: chapters 1, 2, 6 and endgame(!).  

It is going to be a hard game, and I don't promise to live through it.. but, let's see what happens.

Afterwards, the video will be available on our official YouTube channel.

Illustration by Igor Krstic
Illustration by Igor Krstic

Door standees

By being such awesome backers you leave us no choice but to reward you all with adding the door standees into your infernal boxes - for free!  

The doors are sometimes the only thing between you and the horrible monsters. To improve that feeling of protection, we decided to upgrade the look of closed doors.

Final design will change (this picture shows 2 existing tokens as a closed door standee)
Final design will change (this picture shows 2 existing tokens as a closed door standee)

The closed doors will now be represented with a special standee (custom design with a corresponding plastic stand). Once the monster destroys the doors, you will put the destroyed door token (as before).

Illustration by Damir Podhraski
Illustration by Damir Podhraski


After a lot of negotiations and planning with the manufacturers and distributors, we are comfortable to announce including the add-ons to the pledge manager for the next Thursday

On the same day you can expect a project update with their detailed specifications.

Illustration by Igor Krstic
Illustration by Igor Krstic

Premium sleeve pack

We are working tirelessly to deliver you the best possible gaming experience. In order to ensure the protection of your cards, we have managed to prepare an offer for you: Machina Arcana premium sleeves!  

They will be available as an add-on in the pledge manager (from next Thursday, together with other add-ons), and will be produced and shipped together with your box.

Illustration by Igor Krstic
Illustration by Igor Krstic

Beware of Evil.