Machina Arcana ~ To Eternity

Created by Adreama Games, Inc.

A dark and immersive experience awaits you and your group of explorers. Travel the unknown, face cosmic horrors and fight for survival!

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Machina Arcana ~ To Eternity is LIVE
over 3 years ago – Wed, Sep 23, 2020 at 07:12:30 PM

Greetings brave explorers! We hope you are having a fantastic Tuesday.

We wanted to inform you that the Kickstarter for Machina Arcana ~ To Eternity is live on Kickstarter right now. Get your hands on the third edition of the game, all of the related products, and have a new Machina Arcana experience with the 'To Eternity' expansion!

Also, we are offering massive bonuses for returning backers! ;)

After the sold-out success of the 2nd edition we were left with no remaining copies of the game. As word spread, we received high demand for a reprint, and we used that opportunity to listen to your feedback and improve the gaming experience even further.

With the addition of a new introductory tutorial Guidebook, 4 robust Player-aids, and an updated Manual, we are confident that the game is more accessible than ever to new players.

Furthermore, the height of the box has been increased, making it much easier to store your game components. There is errata for a number of cards, but it’s mostly cosmetic in nature. This edition and all expansions are fully compatible with the 2nd edition - there are no rule or balance changes that you need to worry about!

The brand-new ‘To Eternity’ expansion adds more value by bringing the core Machina Arcana experience to a new level! Enjoy a whole new way of play with the addition of the new ‘Eternity Chapter Tiles’- a series of custom play areas that augment the existing map tiles. You can even play outside map tiles- expanding the physical space and multiplying the possibilities!

Each scenario offers an experience that takes around 90-120 minutes. Streamlined mechanics provide a heightened sense of urgency whilst retaining the general Machina Arcana playstyle, guaranteeing the game will be different every run!

This expansion is also 100% compatible with all of the previously published Machina Arcana content (Core and 'From Beyond' items, monsters, events, and explorers).

 We wouldn’t be where we are today without the persistent support of our previous backers. 

You are the sparks that keep the flame alive! 

To honor your dedication, we will offer a great incentive to all returning backers who pledge for a new Core game. Check the diagram below, and choose your destiny:

Thank you for your continuous support! 

From Beyond - To Eternity, yours,

Adreama Games team

The story is coming to an end
about 4 years ago – Sat, Feb 01, 2020 at 02:17:35 AM

Lots of you are already enjoying the game, and getting deep into the world of Machina Arcana. After all the work and heart that we put into this, seeing your enjoyment makes us truly happy and satisfied! Thank you for being part of this story.

While one story ends, another one is being written. There is no rest for us, and all of our efforts are now focused on expanding your gaming experience. We strongly believe that we have just started this journey, and we can't wait to show you the progeny of your support!

Illustration by Nele Diel

Join our community

For any questions and updates about the game itself be sure to join our Facebook group.

There is a new BoardGameGeek entry for Machina Arcana 2nd edition.

We released an Official Player Aid a couple of weeks ago that serves as a handy tool for new players.

Customer support

Send all of your package inquiries to [email protected] with subject line "Machina Arcana inquiry" and CC us as [email protected]

If some of your components are damaged, send an email to [email protected] with the subject line "Replacements". The email should have a list of damaged or missing components, picture(s), and the address for the replacement package. If you received multiple damaged cards or tokens, please combine them together within one picture.


Our US representative got delayed with sending the US replacements. We are given the reassurance that these will be sent shortly. 

We sent most of the non-US replacements, but we couldn't fulfil them all from the replacement package we received from the factory. The EU warehouse has sent us a couple of boxes that we will use for closing the remaining support tickets. 

Digital apps

We partnered up with a UK based game development studio to bring you Machina Arcana applications. These will include Online card database, Online map editor, Adreama Forge and many more. 

For now, there is our Online card database, but it is very simple and as of yet not fully published:

Illustration by Damir Podhraski

Distribution is underway
about 4 years ago – Tue, Dec 24, 2019 at 02:02:08 AM

Distribution status

  •  US and Canada: Ongoing. Started this morning.
  •  EU: Ongoing. At this moment only a portion of backers from Germany and UK have received their gifts. 
  •  Asia: Ongoing. Seems that despite not answering, China began shipping but I'm yet to receive an estimated finish date. 
  •  Australia: Completed.
  •  Rest of the World: Ongoing. Packages will be sent from EU warehouse. 

There won't be too much of a break in shipping. Half day tomorrow will be off, Wednesday will be closed and Thursday will be just a couple of hours delayed start. There will be another half day off on the 31st and be closed on January 1st, but open and fully operational from the 2nd.

Manual translations

Thanks to these dedicated Custodians the Order is gifted with 6 Manuals. When evoked, the sigils are forcing Her to communicate with the neophyte in its native tongue.

German manual by Isa & Ulrich Thomas

Portuguese manual by Arthur Casulli de Oliveira

Polish manual by Maciej "Eternity" Bienia

French manual by François Masquère

Italian manual by Federico Luison

Spanish manual by Eduardo Rodríguez Alija

It goes without saying that the neophyte is expected to perform proper banishing rituals and invocations before using the aforementioned Manuals.

Q: I still haven't received my shipping notice

You will receive email notification once your package is shipped. It will come either when the package is first scanned by the carrier, or 24 hours after we create the label (many carriers are lazy with scanning packages during the holiday rush). 

If you get the shipment email, unfortunately it's too late to change addresses but if you need a last minute update send a message to [email protected] and their support team will pull up the order and change the address as long as it hasn't shipped.

Also shipping will take some time. We generally estimate a two week window, but with the holiday it could be a bit longer. We encourage you to wait until an update is posted that shipping is complete before emailing about a missing shipping notice. Orders are batched together based on items ordered, so your friend in the same gaming group may receive theirs at the beginning of the campaign shipping and you might received yours at the end.

If you want to check that we have your order, you can still log into BackerKit and as long as it says survey complete and locked, we should have your info.

Support emails are checked every business day (likely even Christmas) so you should have a reply if they email within one business day, two at the most.

Q: Is your game Core or Premium

Look at the back of the box where the barcode is printed.

If you see "Core box" with code 672975144562 it is a Core box.

If you just see code 720189856334 it is a Premium box.

Inside the Premium box you will find core content, expansions (Recurrence and Geometry of the Void), and a premium leaflet. Premium leaflet lists additional content, and rule explanations for the expansions.

Q: My package is missing purchased add-ons

Send all of your package inquiries to [email protected] with subject line "Machina Arcana inquiry" and CC me as [email protected]

Q: Some of my components are damaged

Send an email to [email protected] with subject line "Replacements". 

The email should have a list of damaged components, picture(s), and the address for the replacement package.

If you received multiple damaged cards, please combine them together within one picture.

Q: How to change my shipping address

I have already pushed your order to the distributor. 

You will need to contact them yourself by sending the new shipping info to [email protected] and their support team will change it in their system directly. 

Q: How to purchase the add-ons

Add-ons are not available at this time because we have produced the quantities equal to the number of orders.

We will most certainly have a reprint, but the planning will be done once this campaign is absolutely completed.

Q: How to learn the game

When played as intended, the game is very hard. There's no way around that. Additionally, there are lots of things going on - understanding the mechanics is crucial to wield Her properly.

Once you've read the manual watch these three videos from the Overview playlist

I also recommend these three videos from the Tips and Tricks playlist

If you still have questions, send me an email with subject line "Rules" to [email protected]

Q: How to organize the box with sleeved cards

The pictures have been provided by courtesy of Ulrich and Isa Thomas

Purging ritual
about 4 years ago – Thu, Dec 05, 2019 at 09:59:49 PM

Locking Addresses / Distribution imminent
over 4 years ago – Sat, Nov 30, 2019 at 12:39:00 AM

Locking Addresses

On Monday (2019-12-02) your shipping addresses will be locked. 

After that date you will not be able to update your address in BackerKit. 

Any changes will then need to be sent to: [email protected] and their support team will change the shipping info in their system directly. 

Shipment status update

Chinese shipments with: Premium Box, Core Box, Dice Vial, Sleeve Set

CN to US (Chicago) - NORTHERN JAGUAR (arriving 2019-12-07), tracking url:

CN to EU (Hamburg) - YM WHOLESOME (arriving 2019-11-26), tracking url:

CN to AU - arrived to warehouse

CN to CN - arrived to warehouse

EU shipments with: Codex Arcanum, Game Mats  

EU to US (New York) - BERLIN BRIDGE (arriving 2019-12-04), tracking url:

EU to AU - arrived to warehouse

EU to CN - arrived to warehouse

Canadian backers: once all the rewards are received by the US warehouse, they will be hauled by truck to a Canadian warehouse and then distributed from there.

Rest of the world backers: your rewards will be shipped from the EU warehouse.

When can you expect to receive your rewards?

The best person to answer this question is Katie from Funagain Games (they merged with Ship Naked and are the company handling our distribution).

"Ships are due to arrive in port at the end of November. It will then take a little time to clear customs and be delivered to our warehouses. Shipping in December often has delays so while we will do our best to send rewards as quickly as possible, there is a very high chance that many packages will not arrive before the end of the year."