Machina Arcana ~ From Beyond

Created by Adreama Games, Inc.

Travel the unknown, face the horrors, and survive the story. An immersive and dark experience awaits you and your group of explorers.

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Contest alert / Current extra goals overview
8 months ago – Mon, Sep 24, 2018 at 12:20:55 AM

Illustration by Nele Diel
Illustration by Nele Diel

Contest alert

Just a heads-up for the last chance to be a lucky winner of one Machina Arcana premium box. This contest is in collaboration with Board Game Revolution.

Click here to enter the contest

Click here for more information on Board Game Revolution page

Deadline to enter is September 25th at 11pm PST (eligible to anyone Worldwide)

Current extra goals overview

Another batch bites the dust! Only two more batches remains!

Tips and Tricks (2/3) / Current extra goals overview
8 months ago – Sun, Sep 23, 2018 at 01:02:49 AM

Illustration by Igor Krstic
Illustration by Igor Krstic

Tips and Tricks (2/3)  

The monsters are the game's main antagonists. Most of you already know that in order to destroy them, you will use items. Some of you know that it is even possible to destroy them using the environment (using traps, exploding barrels, and pushing/pulling them into pit spaces).  

But did you know that you can destroy the monsters with only moving?
Let's find out in the 2nd tips and tricks video.

Current extra goals overview  

We have gone with ease through the first batch of 4 extra goals, and have already chipped on the second one!

Introducing: Extra Goals
8 months ago – Fri, Sep 21, 2018 at 01:19:40 AM

To all of our amazing backers,  

Because of all of your undying love and support, we have blown away all of our stretch goals, and thus, are pleased to announce the game is complete.

Does this mean that we've reached the end of our goals for this campaign? In a word, hell no! We believe in seizing the moment and pushing forward as hard as we can. So here's what's up for grabs for the remaining campaign duration.

At the $200,000 mark, we are shifting gears into another territory and introduce extra goals into the campaign.

There will be two types of extra goals:

  • Ones that will unlock add-ons for the post-campaign (through the Pledge manager)  
  • Others that grant you free content  

There are 16 of these extra goals (XG) in total, and they will be revealed in batches of 4 at a time!

So, sit back and relax while you can so that you can be prepared to partake in the ultimate adventure that this project has to offer! Because once you step into the Machina Arcana, you'll be holding your breath and praying that you make it out again.

Extra Goals
Extra Goals

Unlocked explorer - Sabina
8 months ago – Thu, Sep 20, 2018 at 10:21:20 PM

One of our previous updates gave you a taste of the brand-new explorers for the "Recurrence" expansion, all of which will have a special mechanic that utilizes the explorer markers

In addition to the new core explorers for the expansion, our prepared stretch goal explorers will be even more interesting to use. For each stretch goal explorer that you have unlocked, you will essentially be gaining 2 of them. How is that possible? They have a special condition which causes their explorer card to be flipped - revealing a completely different version with their own unique abilities, and illustration! 

The first spotlight for these stretch goal explorers is reserved for Sabina - A gentle mystic that, once killed, transforms into a special explorer that is able to continue the game more powerful than before! 

The dark world of the Machina Arcana is constantly twisting and turning. You never know what's around the corner, and nothing is ever as it seems. This gives Death a whole new meaning. But don't be fooled. Life is still precious and one should take great care to hold on tightly to it as they brave the deepest corridors...  

Illustration by Jakub Bazyluk
Illustration by Jakub Bazyluk

When Sabina was a little girl, she was labeled “sensitive.” She was always the first to cry. The one that reacted the hardest. The one that wore her heart on her sleeve. Believing that there was something wrong with her, she largely kept to herself growing up. As she came into womanhood, she discovered the reason behind her overly active emotions: 

She was an empath. She could feel what everyone else around her was feeling, only ten-fold. 

Rather than shutting herself away from the world entirely, she decided that she wanted to do something about it. She wanted to help those that suffered. She believed that people were like the fabled Phoenix – once destroyed, with a little help, they could be reborn from the ashes as something stronger. 

When the expeditions to the Machina Arcana began, Sabina knew she had to be there to comfort those that braved its horrors and joined as a psychotherapist.

Stretch goals completed
8 months ago – Thu, Sep 20, 2018 at 03:32:44 PM

Game box is complete

We dreamed of all it could be and we dared hope that it would be achieved - you have all made it happen! Your support and willingness to share our vision with the world unlocked the complete experience.  

You really did it!  

You have helped us make this real and we will be delighted to bring this incarnation of Machina Arcana into our world!  

Will you be able to survive what you have wrought?  

Whether it’s through upgrading the game components or by adding new game content, the Infernal box now holds everything we envisioned to provide you with the look and feel of this strange world of Machina Arcana.  

From our minds…to your hands.  

At this moment there are no additional box stretch goals and we regard the box as complete. We do not believe in padding the experience or the content frivolously. These goals were carefully prepared in advance with the sole objective of providing a quality product that we believe you’ll be proud to own on a timeline we can commit to.  

But! We do have a number of other stretch goals that we are currently preparing for you. These will be offered for free, or they will unlock some devilish schemes that you may partake in. Most of them will be delivered much faster than your box!  

Regardless of the completed, and yet to unlock other stretch goals, we still have a little over a week left of titillating anticipation for the following updates that will reveal things you never dreamed of imagining!

Just a reminder of all which we have accomplished: